- IT Asset Tracking -

Secure and efficient operation of data center is critical for companies and institutions. With data integrity, legal and industry compliance requirements becoming more critical, the ability to document critical server and SAN components is becoming more important than ever. Security and effective data center management starts from visibility of IT assets by real-time tracking and monitoring of servers, SAN tapes and disks, and critical IT components. Tracking thousands of assets in a typical banking data center, and ensuring that laptop computers leaving a building are authorized to do so—and are with the properly authorized users—is a cumbersome task for bank security officers. 

Laptop Tracking: Employees and contractors entering and leaving the building often carry laptop computers that, in many cases, are the property of the organization but are assigned to a specific person. To track the laptops and ensure none leave in the wrong hands, security guards at the doorway would inspect individuals’ computer bags and, upon finding a laptop, would look up the serial number listed on the computer in a company directory, to determine who was authorized to use that machine. The guards would then have to determine whether the individual holding the laptop was the one to whom it was assigned.

 This system was time-consuming, led to long queues as employees left the building, and was a source of frustration to both security gaurds and workers. With the RFID system, the process was automated. Each laptop computer has attached to a passive tag with a unique ID number. That number is linked in back-end system to the computer’s serial number, make and model, as well as the name and a photo of the individual authorized to use it.