AIDC Denmark / RFID & IoT in the Nordics 2024

In the race for sustainability, modern companies must be accountable from cradle to cradle, making AIDC an essential instrument for an optimized and responsible approach. The urgency escalates with the European Sustainable Products Regulation (Green Deal). Are your company ready for data deliverables for mandatory ESG reporting in the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the data demands of the new Digital Product Passport (DPP)? The stakes are high, and action is imperative.

Documentation requirements are reshaping supply chains and public sector, and AIDC is the power tool ensuring survival in this fast-evolving landscape. Don’t be left in the dark—attend the Conference to gain insights into the future, understand AIDC’s potential, and equip yourself with the knowledge to jumpstart the journey of your business.

Seize the opportunity to meet first-mover companies and experts in Real-Time Locating Systems, RFID, Smart Identification, and IoT. Learn hands-on techniques to integrate these technologies into your business. Time is of the essence, and competitors might not be waiting.

RFID & IoT in the Nordics 2024 is not just a conference; it’s a networking lifeline. Connect with peers and industry players already utilizing AIDC in production, logistics, retail, and asset management across private and public sector.

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